Lets face it, we spend more time in our bedroom than almost any other room in the house. Its a great place to relax, play video games or, of course, fall asleep. Now, and I know I’m stating the obvious here, most of us have a bed in there – not everyone mind, I once had a friend who refused to sleep in a bed and had a hammock – but thats a tale for another time. As well as a bed, many of us have a TV and possibly a games console. But, apart from that and maybe an occasional chair, theirs really nowhere else to chill out and kick off your shoes. 

Bedroom in modern vacation house
Bedrooms can be sterile

If you are tired of your boudoir then, maybe you have considered updating the decor but, as you no doubt have discovered by now, carrying out a full-scale makeover of your bedroom can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention messy. Imagine how untidy it can become when stripping walls of paper and paint – and thats before you consider the mental stress and time involved in actually choosing a new color scheme.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way because  for a quick and simple way to update a bedroom, why not add a bean bag chair? The addition of new seating can give a dramatic edge to any room but, when it comes to bedrooms, I think that a nice beanbag chair gives it a special edge. Whether you want a design that matches the existing color scheme or if you’re after something that is bright, bold and will really stand out, the wide variety of colors and prints of bean bag chairs available means you’re sure to find something that suits.

Bean bags come in a whole host of different materials, including denim and suede so making a signature statement in your bedroom is easy. Contemporary bedrooms can be ‘chiq-ed up’ with cord and both real and faux leather are other options to consider. With a bit of effort you can also match your chair to the with cushions and throws, and create a great coordinated look that will match the rest of your room. 


There are many benefits to having a bean bag in your bedroom. Not least of all they offer a comfortable way to relax while watching television or playing video games. Unlike a rigid high-backed chair, a bean bag can allow you to lie back, stretch their legs and relax in style. Your kids will love them and before long you will find yourself just wanting to snuggle down and fall asleep in the bag – as I said, who needs a bed!?

Video Gamers

Are you mad for Mario or in a frenzy about Fortnite? Whatever games you enjoy playing, one thing is for sure, computer games fans love bean bag chairs. A good chair will enable the most ardent gamer to sit for hours playing their favorite titles in comfort. If you share a house with other people – maybe your parents, university chums or even your partner – they may not appreciate you hogging the main television in the lounge for your gaming fix. But, never fear because by having a bean bag chair in your bedroom not only can you spend as much time as you like bashing the buttons on your joystick but can do so in perfect comfort.

Enjoy the calmer pursuits? Well, again bookworms can also find bean bags the perfect place to curl up and spend time reading.

For The Kids

Bean bags are available in a range of designs so whether your kids are into cartoons, superheroes or fairies and princesses, you will find a design that they love.  There’s a huge range of bean bags depicting their idols and these are usually available in a range of colors which enable you to coordinate to your existing bedroom decor. Its a great, and cheap, way to brighten up kids bedrooms without having to suffer the expense and hassle of redecorating. Just match a beanbag with some pillow cases and a duvet cover and you are good to go!

Two infant school girls sitting on bean bagslistening to their teacher reading a story
Two infant school girls sitting on bean bagslistening to their teacher reading a story

Guest Bedrooms

If you like havinbg people over to stay then a bean bag ois a great addition to a guest bedroom. We once had a fridns over who brought their 5 year od – and he ended up spending the night sleeping in a huge beanbag we had in the guest room. Basically, it saved a bed or the family having to ‘top-and-tail’ while they visited so everyone was happy. Mum and dad said they have one of the best nights sleep in a long time as well 🙂

Pets Love Them

Animal lovers who cannot bear to be parted from their companion while they sleep may want to invest in a dog’s bean bag for Fido to sleep on. By doing so, dog fans can get their 40 winks safe in the knowledge that their faithful companion is close by.

Beagle Sitting on Bean Bag Near American Flag in Modern Office
Beagle Sitting on Bean Bag Near American Flag in Modern Office


So, with so many potential uses, the benefits of having a bean bag in your bedroom should be pretty apparent, so why not clear some floor space so you can get one in today? Confused about which one to pick – no problem, just head over to my review section where you can find a range of bean bags suitable for every occasion and room.

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