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Bean bags are a beautiful addition to any home and they are so comfy! But theres lots to choose from so how do you know which one is right for you? Well, with our buying information you can get the perfect bag for you, your kids, or even your workmates.

Bean Bag Chairs

Relax in comfort and style with a great bean bag chair. They can be used to sit, cuddle, as well as sleep over when needed an extra bed. We have reviewed the best ones on the market.

Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

Loved by children, beanbags make an incredible addition to playrooms and bedrooms. Their large size and  softness makes them ideal for  jumping and hopping around. 

Gaming Bean Bag Chairs

Gaming beanbags make it easy to spend hours in front of your console or PC and with great features such as bluetooth and built in speakers they are great for adults and kid gamers alike. Get your hands on one today.


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Beanbags are cozy and comfy and come in lots of different colours and designs which is why the are perfect for almost every home. You can buy shaped beanbags which are tailored for different situations such as pregnancy or gaming.

Kids Bean Bags

Bright, fun and safe for your youngsters

Adult bean Bags

Slide back in luxury

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Whether its stylish or practical bean bags you are looking for we can help you find the best for your budget
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We take bean bags seriously. We test every one we review meaning that you get complete peace of mind  when making your buying decisions. We also scour the net to bring you the latest deals and show you how to save money while still bagging (!) the chair of your choice.

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I bought a large adult bean bag based on Melissa's recommendation and its been one of the best things I've ever bought. Thanks Mel, your advice was spot on.
Julia McWhirter
Bakersfield, CA

FAQs !

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If supervised , yes they are safe but don’t let young children climb inside the cover. Infants under 12 months of age should not be left unattended and dont allow them to sleep on the bags. Always ensure your bean bag has locking zippers, durable linings, and double stitching and keep them full of beads.

Under normal usage, bean bags are usually very durable, and only get flat when not used properly. A good quality bean bag should last for around 3-4 years without changing the beans and good quality covers will last for many years.

We wouldn’t recommend it! If at all possible you should wash the removable covers in a washing machine.

Remove the liner containing the filler or, if theres no liner, pour the filler into a trash bag or container. 

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